ADAM – kegtop Dispenser

Take your kombucha wherever you may want to go! #ontapanywhere


This is ADAM, the kegtop dispenser from our friends at Kegnologic. Pop it on any of their mini kegs and with a few pushes of the pump, tap a cold booch, anytime, anywhere. The kombucha in the mini kegs never comes into contact with air no matter how many times you dispense from them. So if you can’t finish it in one sitting, pop ADAM off and simply keep the keg in a fridge and the kombucha will stay preserved. This also means you get to enjoy different kegs of kombucha by switching ADAM around different kegs!



1. Pull lever upwards to dispense, push lever down to stop
2. Press the pump as needed when pressure gets too low
3. ADAM can be rinsed with water and reused