Harmony 3 liter keg

Note: You will need to purchase the ADAM kegtop dispenser once.

Need a little help relieving your everyday stress? Harmony is fueled with three adaptogenic herbs;

Tulsi, Amla, and Ashwagandha.

All are proven in reducing stress and boosting energy

in your body. These ayurvedic herbs help in calming and harmonizing your temple from the everyday demands of city life.


The great folks at Kegnologic have come up with a great and easy-to-use system that allows you to experience kombucha on tap, without the hassle and expense of setting up and constantly maintaining a draft system.


Their dispenser systems allows you to enjoy fresh kombucha on tap from the comfort of your home. The disposable mini kegs are filled directly from the brewer’s tanks with no prior contact with oxygen or anything else that may rob the kombucha of its flavour. It can then be chilled and dispensed using their keg-top dispenser ADAM.


These little kegs do not need to be finished in a single sitting since the kombucha never comes into contact with air. So if you can’t finish it, pop ADAM off and keep the keg in the fridge.

You will need to purchase the ADAM kegtop dispenser once. See in our online shop or simply click here to be redirected.

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